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Fast forward generations. Fast forward business.

Fast Forward Generations

Vytelle (pronounced Vy-tel-ee) is a visionary company with a deeper purpose and revolutionary technology that helps to advance bovine, deer and buffalo genetics faster by redefining reproduction. Using innovative technology, it’s possible to make generations of genetic gains in a matter of years in a way that’s more sustainable, easier on animals and readily available for all producers.

Vytelle provides a better product, better service and a better process by partnering with highly trained veterinarians and reproductive specialists to provide beef and dairy producers with solutions that will advance herd genetics faster.

When I discovered Vytelle I met with their directors and I was immediately on board with their mission. They have provided my staff with unmatched support and training. The production system has proven to produce more embryos and higher pregnancy rates than any other production system I have ever seen in our industry. I look forward to many years as a Vytelle licensee. Todd Stroud, MSC

2017 IETS Foundation Early Career Achievement Award Practitioner, Hoofstock Genetics

Advancing Together – We are Vytelle

Vytelle is transforming the livestock industry with the most advanced, cutting-edge reproductive technology in the field. Together, let’s advance genetics, business and life.