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Vytelle Business Opportunity

The bovine in vitro fertilization technique continues to see greater demand among farmers, ranchers, breeders and veterinarians. However, lab operations and OPU still present a bottleneck for new players in this industry, as IVF knowledge and technology has largely been concentrated among just a few companies.

Vytelle believes that all the know-how and innovation accumulated in recent years should be shared with the market, and is doing so using a revolutionary business model.


Vytelle’s business program lets professionals take advantage of the pioneering technology we have developed to offer comprehensive bovine IVF services, from collection to laboratory fertilization to embryo implantation. To fulfill this three-part service, Vytelle provides business owners with all the equipment, supplies, procedural knowledge and training they need, along with the proprietary medium used to create the fertilized embryos.

Using the Vytelle business model, your business can bring their services to market with the confidence of offering reliable results.

Benefits of investing in the Vytelle business model:

  • Access to the most recent technologies developed by Vytelle
  • Greater chance of success than in a sole proprietorship
  • Shorter time to opening
  • Initial training and ongoing support
  • Assistance in finding an optimal site
  • Lower costs through group purchasing
  • Use of an established business model
  • National and regional advertising campaigns
  • A network of peers to provide advice and moral support through a company intranet, annual conferences
  • Assistance with securing funding for some investors

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the best option for breeders who need faster technology to foster the best genetic gain of the herd. The benefits of Vytelle’s technology include:

  • No need for FSH shots to perform aspirations — performing the ovum pick-up without the use of hormones is more cost-effective and preserves the donor’s integrity
  • Can be performed every week
  • Can be performed on pregnant donors (first one-third of gestation)
  • Semen optimization — using one single straw to make more than 100 embryos
  • Can be performed in young heifers
  • Embryos can be transferred fresh or frozen for further breeding season
I’ve been dedicated to the improvement of bovine IVF for 15 years and helped start and manage nearly 40 bovine IVF labs globally. The Vytelle business model allows us to support others with an industry leading media, SOPs, ongoing support and marketing. Bruno Valente Sanches, PHD

Chief Operating Officer, Vytelle

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